Pirmā līmeņa profesionālās augstākās izglītības studiju programmas


About College


A Brief History of the College


  Daugavpils Medical school was founded in 1945. The school was located in 26A Varšavas street. It consisted of two classrooms and a basement. The first director was Tatyana Vsesvjatska. At first, there were only 54 students. The duration of studying was 2 years and therefore the first nursing graduation took place in1947. From 1954, the school began teaching not only nurses, but also paramedics.

  With the increasing number of students, the school building was expanded, too. Within the period from 1970 until 1974, a new three-story building was built making it possible to increase significantly the number of students to study in school. In the history of the school, the largest number of students -850 people - was in 1988.

  Many graduates of the school have continued their careers in medicine and now work in our city.

  In 2004, the school was registered as Daugavpils Medical College. Nowadays the college has  four study programmes of the first level professional higher education. About 250 students study at Medical College nowadays.


First Level Professional Higher Education Study Programme




Qualification awarded: Nurse
Length of studies: 3 years, 120 credit points
Language of studies: Latvian
License: the program has been accredited until 06/06/2019
Type of studies: full time

Description of the profession:

A nurse is a person who is highly trained to offer professional care to individual patients, family and whole communities, helps to maintain peoples` health and is responsible for it.

A nurse works in health care medical establishments according to the Latvian Republic Legislation.

A nurse in his/her activity uses basic skills of management, knows how to work with information.



Qualification awarded: Physician Assistant (doctor`s assistant)
Length of studies: 3 years, 120 credit points
Language of studies: Latvian
License: the program has been accredited until 06/06/2019
Type of studies: full time

Description of the profession:


A physician assistant is a medical practitioner, who provides emergency medical assistance to the sick (victims) in a life-threatening, critical condition at the pre-hospital stage and in inpatient admission departments, can work independently, can determine diagnosis and  treatment and  has the right to prescribe independently medications (including those of strong effect) and  to confirm the death of a patient.

A physician assistant provides continuous medical care and health preventive measures for patients regardless of gender and age group at all three levels of medical care and in cooperation with a doctor.

A physician assistant is entitled to perform these functions after having registered in “The Register of Medical Practitioners and Medical Support Staff” and after certification.

A physician assistant organizes and manages his and his colleagues' work, educates patients, community members, team members, promotes the development of his/her profession, continuously improving and broadening his/her knowledge and skills.




Qualification awarded: Social Caregiver
Length of studies: 2 years, 80 credit points
Language of studies: Latvian
License: the program has been accredited until 06/06/2019
Type of studies: full time

Description of the profession:

A social caregiver is a person with professional qualifications in social care, who provides assistance and ensures an acceptable quality of life to individuals who are sick, injured, disabled or fragile and are not able to do that on their own.




Qualification awarded: Social Rehabilitator
Length of studies: 2 years, 80 credit points
Language of studies: Latvian
License: the program has been licensed until 06/06/2019
Type of studies: full time

Description of the profession:


A social rehabilitator helps renew or improve individuals` social skills in order to bring them back to the social and work life by renewing skills or training into those, which were lost due to various reasons.
A social rehabilitator works in social rehabilitation institutions, which provide services of medical and social rehabilitation in the special institution or at the place of residence of a client.

 A social rehabilitator  is involved in developing and implementing an individual social rehabilitation plan for each person, who is isolated from the community due to various social, mental and physical disorders to be socially rehabilitated; promotes the improvement of client's social skills and formation of new skills; implements social activity of a patient;  stimulates the client`s interest and desire to live a full and productive life; assesses the social rehabilitation services provided and makes proposals for their improvement; ensures the participation of the client in choosing and getting the optimal social rehabilitation services, as well as in the preparation and adherence to the rehabilitation plan; assesses  the clients` satisfaction with social rehabilitation service; works under the supervision of a professional social worker.

First Level Professional Higher Education Study Programme




 Qualification awarded: Massage therapist

 Duration of studies: 2 years, 80 credit points

 Language: Latvian

 Type of studies: Full time

 Enrolment requirements: secondary / vocational secondary education

 Tuition fee:  1200.00 EUR per year

Enrolment requirements: secondary / vocational secondary education

Description of the profession:


The study programme includes a module for the development of professional competencies in the field of entrepreneurship, which provides the necessary skills to set up an individual business or to work as a self-employed person.

The purpose of the program is to give students professional knowledge and skills by developing abilities to use different types of massage independently, to improve the health and functional condition of patients, as well as advance health-related quality of life and well-being, observing the requirements of professional ethics.


Vocational Education Study Programme   NURSING STUDIES


Qualification: Nursing Assistant
Length of studies: 1 year
Language of studies: Latvian
Accreditation: Nr. P - 11753, expiration date until 05/14/2021

Type of studies: full time

Description of the profession:

A nursing assistant is a healthcare worker who has specific job-related duties to perform and who provides basic patient care in team under the direct supervision of a nurse. A nursing assistant maintains his/her potential competence, improves theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Enrolment requirements: secondary / vocational secondary education; knowledge of the official language; full 18 years; work experience in healthcare establishments is preferable.


Daugavpils University Agency

"Daugavpils Medical College of Daugavpils University”

offers young people aged between 17-29 (including) vocational education which is available free of charge  within the period of 1.5 years in the framework of  the vocational training programme of the Youth Guarantee, receiving a scholarship from 70 EUR per month

For any inquiries, please contact: tel. 65437943; 65437103, 

e-mail: info@dmk.lv




   LENGTH OF STUDY: 1.5 years

   PLACE OF STUDY: Daugavpils



  • you are between 17 and 29 years of age  (up to age 29) and you do not work;
  • you have at least secondary education (12 years) or vocational secondary education, confirmed by the documents, but you may also have higher education;
  • you do not have a previous profession or professional qualifications acquired at least 12 months before the start of the Youth Guarantee Program.

In parallel, you can:


  • be registered as unemployed in the State Employment Agency (SEA) and receive  the unemployment benefit;
  • study part-time.


Remember that:

  • in parallel you cannot be a beneficiary of the activity "Initial vocational education programmes within the Youth Guarantee" implemented by the State Education Development Agency with the exception of young people who are involved in job-search support measures, increasing the competitiveness of events and career counselling;
  • if you have dropped out of the Youth guarantee education programme and have received a scholarship, you can re-start studying only 12 months after having received the scholarship;
  • you cannot pursue a full-time study programme according to the Law on Higher Education.



what are the benefits of learning and practice?


During training:

  • you will be provided with teaching aids and necessary equipment;
  • you will get a scholarship from € 70, if there are no unjustified absences and you have satisfactory grades in all subjects;
  • you will be paid for the hotel in the vocational training establishment;
  • you will be provided with  career support measures.
  • During the qualification practice:
  • you will spend 15 weeks with an employer who will need your newly-acquired skills;
  • you will be reimbursed up to € 71 per month for travel costs related to commuting and accommodation if  necessary;
  • You will be paid for civil liability insurance;
  • Compulsory medical examinations will be provided for you if it is required by the specific nature of the chosen profession.


Details:   www.viaa.gov.lv/jauniesugarantija

European Union funds operational programme “Growth and Employment” 7.2.1. specific support objective of "Increase in the employment and education of young people that are not involved in employment, education or training within the Youth Guarantee" measure “Initial vocational education programs within the Youth Guarantee” project  “Implementation of active labour market policy measures for promoting employment of unemployed youth” (Agreement Nr.




Address of the central building: 26A Varšavas, Daugavpils, LV-5404, Latvija  

Phone: +371654-37943

Hotel address:  Miera iela 3/5, Daugavpils, LV-5404, Latvija, 

Phone: +371 654-31777

College opening hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm